We are a small family business owned by local artist and International Art Teacher, Mariela Villasmil. Join us for a very special experience of painting a one of a kind piece in our beloved Dallas, Texas Studio. We will provide you with the enthusiasm, step by step instructions and fun in a relaxing atmosphere. No artistic experience is required.

We are conveniently located on the corner of Parry Av. and Exposition Av, across the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Fair Park Station. FREE gated parking.

FIND US: 3711 Parry Avenue, STE101 - Dallas, TX. 75226

Regular Classes are three days each, book as many as you can for a sweet discount. PRICING

In these classes you will be able to paint the subject of your choice in the media of your choice. Supplies are not included. 

Painting parties are a three hour class. In these classes you will paint a fixed subject, supplies are included, bring a friend and get a discount. PRICING

For custom themed parties, special request subjects and corporate team building events, contact us HERE

"Teach you how to paint is my passion. I'll be your translator ....I speak Español (my mother language), Italian (my second home language), English (my dreamed home, sweet home language, French (my beloved sisterhood language) and most important ....I speak ART. Join me for a fun class" -Mariela.





Tue 22-Wed 23-Thu 24

Fri 01-Sat 02-Sun 03

Tue 19-Wed 20-Thu 21

Tue 16-Wed 17-Thu 18

Fri 25-Sat 26- Sun 27

Fri 01 Evening P Party*

Fri 22-Sat 23-Sun 24

Fri 19-Sat 20-Sun 21

Tue 29-Wed 30-Thu 31

Sat 02 Evening P Party*

Tue 26-Wed 27-Thu 28

Tue 23-Wed 24-Thu 25

Tue 12-Wed 13-Thu 14

Fri 26-Sat 27-Sun 28

Thu 14 Evening P Party*

Fri 15-Sat 16-Sun 17

Fri 15 Evening P Party*

Sat 16 Evening P Party*

Regular Painting Classes (3 Days each) SUBJECT OF YOUR CHOICE in any media. 10am-5pm

Painting Party: FIXED SUBJECT - Acrylics. 7pm-10pm






Fri 10 Morning P Party*

Tue 11-Wed 12-Thu 13

Tue 23-Wed 24-Thu 25

Fri 02-Sat 03-Sun 04

Fri 10 Evening P Party*

Fri 14 Morning P Party*

Fri 26- Sat 27-Sun 28

Tue 06-Wed 07-Thu 08

Sat 11 Morning P Party*

Fri 14 Evening P Party*

Tue 30-Wed 31- Thu 01

Fri 09-Sat 10-Sun 11

Sat 11 Evening P Party*

Sat15 Morning P Party*

Tue 13-Wed 14-Thu 15

Tue 28-Wed 29-Thu 30

Sat 15 Evening P Party*

Fri 31 – Sat 01- Sun 02

Tue 18-Wed 19-Thu 20

Fri 21-Sat 22-Sun 23

Tue 25-Wed 26-Thu 27 SOLD OUT

Fri 28-Sat 29-Sun 30 SOLD OUT

Regular Painting Classes (3 Days each) SUBJECT OF YOUR CHOICE in any media. 10am-5pm

* Mother/Father's Day Painting Party FIXED SUBJECT - Acrylics. Morning from 9am to 12pm. Evening from 7pm to 10pm






Tue 24-Wed 25-Thu 26

Tue 01-Wed 02-Thu 03

Fri 01-Sat 02-Sun 03

Tue 03-Wed 04-Thu 05

Fri 27- Sat 28-Sun 29

Fri 04-Sat 05-Sun 06

Fri 06-Sat 07-Sun 08

Tue 22-Wed 23-Thu 24

Tue 10-Wed 11-Thu 12

Fri 25- Sat 26-Sun 27

Fri 13- Sat 14- Sun 15

Tue 29-Wed 30-Thu 31

Regular Painting Classes (3 Days each) SUBJECT OF YOUR CHOICE in any media. 10am-5pm